Nissan Recalls Qashqui and other OSV motor news 2013

The main news today is Nissan Recalls Qashqui.

Also we’ll tell you what’s happening at BMW and talk about Speeding. Maybe we need a little something to dull the news as Nissan Recalls Qashqui first.

Firstly, It’s bad news for drivers and speeders, the death of the speed camera has been greatly exaggerated. According to a report in The Daily Telegraph, they’re set to make a comeback – and, thanks to digital technology, they’ll be more efficient than ever before.

Apparently, 21 of the 33 safety partnerships who responded to the newspaper’s questions are now installing new digital speed cameras.

Unlike current film GATSOs and other brands, they can effectively take pictures indefinitely as they can’t run out of film. Because images of speeding motorists are sent straight to a control centre, they are also much cheaper to run.

The Telegraph is predicting the number of speed cameras will increase by almost half in the next 12 months alone, and reveals that four safety partnerships (Cheshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, Northants and Nottinghamshire) have already admitted they expect the number of prosecutions to increase. Even worse, the minimum fine is set to rise from £60 to £90. What does everyone think of the change in speeding regulations? Do you think they will work? Or will it just result in people doing even more to avoid cameras and fines?

Following is potentially more bad news if you are a Nissan Qashqui driver.

Nissan are to recall 51,000 cars for “precautionary” checks on their steering wheels. That’s right- Nissan Recalls Qashqui amid fears about steering defects.

The Sunderland-based car manufacturer is recalling 48,000 Model Year 2012 Nissan Qashqai and Qashqai+2 and 3,000 Model Year 2012 NV200 cars.

The company said about 600 steering wheels would need to be replaced. So yes as Nissan Recalls Qashqui it is with you best interests in mind. Lets face it- deaths a bit of a buzzkill right?

About 7,000 were bought in the UK while others were shipped to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and Oceania.

Nissan Recalls Qashqui saying the vehicles affected were all built at the Sunderland plant between February and May.

A spokesperson said: “Nissan retailers will inspect the casting date of the steering wheel armature and where necessary replace the steering wheel at no cost to the customer.”

The company also said it was “working with its dealers to promptly address this issue”.

The fact that Nissan Recalls Qashqui of all shapes and sizes follows a complaint of a loose steering wheel from a customer in Finland in August. Hopefully this is the one and only time we’ll ever see a headline that reads ‘Nissan Recalls Qashqui’. Just get the job right in the first place Nissan!

In more surprising news BMW have released a concept car in front wheel drive! The BMW Concept Active Tourer, might just be a concept set for the Paris Motor Show in a couple of weeks time, but make no mistake, this is the future for Munich.

Yes, they’ve been knocking out front-drive hatches for donkeys’ years in the shape of the Mini, but this is the first time a proper modern BMW’s front wheels have got themselves a full time job. It’s meant to account for a massive sales chunk of BMW’s future, so it’s quite important.

And as such, it’s taking both barrels and aiming squarely at the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. It’s dimensions, barring a little extra width, are nigh on identical, and that front, transversely mounted engine, says BMW, allows for more generous interior space.

The engine is a brand-new 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol three-cylinder unit, derived from Bee-Em’s magnificent 3.0-litre straight-six, that will see service in all future BMW ‘Efficient Dynamics’ models, and powers only the front wheels. It’s coupled to an electric motor that fires on the rear axle capable of powering the car on its own. All in, the Tourer produces 190bhp, is capable of 0-62mph in less than eight seconds and maxes out at 120mph. All this, and it emits less than 60g/km and returns around 113mpg.

Inside there’s “open-pore” laminated wood, lots of soft and smooth leather, an eight-inch display for sat nav and hybrid information, a head-up display for the driver, a panoramic sunroof, a rear setup able to split 40:20:40, and some neat touches like mobile ‘Tablet’ clips for the rear passengers.

After all this, one thing is clear, BMW is getting quite serious about practicality.

Finally, lets take our mind off the fact that Nissan Recalls Qashqui models- and this blog has somewhat been a bit doom and gloom today, is another Friday treat. Last week was a brilliant James Bond montage and this week it’s a funny prank some man in America has managed to produce.

A man in America decided to pay his by folding 137 single dollar bills in to origami pigs and delivered them to his local police station in doughnut boxes. Not a bad idea, if you have 6 hours spare.

And the paper pigs actually look quite good!

That’s all the motor news 2013 for this week. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

What do you have to say about the news as Nissan Recalls Qashqui?

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  • 14th September 2012

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