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Bentley celebrates 100 years by recreating the iconic Team Blower

As part of Bentley‘s 100 year celebrations, the company has deployed a specialist team using the latest digital technology to stunningly recreate the iconic 1929 Team Blower. Each of the 12 handcrafted cars will form the world’s first pre-war race car continuation series.

The fastest car of its day, there were only four original Team Blowers built in the late-1920s by Sir Tim Birkin for racing, and Bentley hopes these accurate recreations will allow the world to enjoy the historic vehicle without putting the originals at risk.

This recreation project is a homage to Bentley’s heritage and a celebration of where technological developments will take the company in the future. Take a look of the Team Blower below and let us know your thoughts in your comments. Would you like to see similar projects from other manufacturers?

bentley team blower

The Porsche Taycan is unveiled, dominating the world car stage

Through an extravagant premiere held across three continents, Porsche marked the start of their “new era” by finally revealing its first fully-electric supercar, the Taycan. Two versions of the supercar have been unveiled: the Turbo and the supercharged Turbo S, which both pack an astounding 625 brake horsepower. In its sport mode, this rises to 761bhp and the car  zooms from 0-125 in less than 10 seconds.

Similar to the Lamborghini Sian, the Porsche Taycan looks like a product of the future yet it maintains what people love about Porsche — sleek, stylish and luxury. How does the Taycan compare to the Sian? Let us know down below.

porsche taycan

Lamborghini unveils first limited-edition electric hypercar

Due to make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, Lamborghini has released digital renderings of the Sian, its first electric hypercar. Essentially a modified Aventador, including the same 6.5-liter V12 engine, the Sian adds a 48-volt mild-hybrid system boosting its horsepower to 807. The supercharged car can go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 217mph.

The Sian embraces Lamborghini’s design philosophy of being a “visual and symphonic feast” with jagged lines and angular edges. Truly a remarkable vehicle that seeks to represent the future of supercars.

Let us know your thoughts on the car in the comments below.

lamborghini sian

Bugatti Chiron breaks 300mph

Do you have a need for speed?

Top Gear revealed that a souped-up version of the Bugatti Chiron has become the first hypercar to exceed 300mph. This beats previously impressive times set by SSC (256mph), Hennessey (270mph) and Koenigsegg (277mph). It took a team of Bugatti, Michelin and Dallara engineers six months to create the super-fast vehicle. The modified Chiron is 25cm longer than the original, and is set lower and has the rear wing and airbrake removed to help reduce drag.

This achievement could pave way for a Super Sport version of the Chiron being revealed in the future.

Do you think Koenigsegg and Hennessey will back down and let Bugatti take the crown? Or will they embrace the spirit of competition?

bugatti chiron

Do you park and ride?

Do you use park and ride? Latest figures suggests this isn’t as popular as it used to be.

A park and ride facility near Aberdeen International Airport, which opened in 2017, cost £15 million to construct and has nearly 1,000 spaces, is used by a dire average of seven cars per day. This is down from 14 cars per day in 2018. A spokesman for Aberdeen’s City Council said this could be reflective of the decline in bus use in Scotland.

Perhaps park and ride facilities are not doing enough to attract visitors and encourage the public to travel sustainably. What can be done to help improve this?

park and ride road sign
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