Over 50% of UK drivers can’t carry out basic vehicle repair


New research from OSV has revealed that well over half of UK drivers are pretty clueless when it comes to carrying out basic maintenance on their vehicles.

1,000 drivers who were surveyed by the vehicle company revealed that under half know how to change a tyre, adjust the height of their steering wheel or check their break fluid.

A staggering 71% of us can’t prise open our car bonnet, with 58% of 25-34-year-olds confessing they are pretty inept when it comes to this.

“I ended up abandoning my car,” admitted one woman to OSV who wished to remain anonymous. “Trying to prise my bonnet open was starting to get embarrassing and I was worried if I left it outside my house all night it might set on fire. So I ditched it next to a warehouse.”

Just a quarter of us know how to change a tyre, while 10% of drivers chuck boiling water on their frozen windows in a bid to de-frost them.

“Some of it splashed our kids face once and scolded him,” confessed a Hyundai driver from Manchester.

Debbie Kirkley of OSV explained: “We want to ensure Brits are safe on the roads when the weather makes driving conditions more risky. We were shocked by some of the results and as a nation we need to make time to get to know our cars.

“Carrying out tasks on your vehicle without the correct knowledge can not only put yourself but others on the road in danger. We recommend that drivers who are unsure about the correct procedures to follow do not carry out the tasks themselves but seek help from a professional.”









Will Titterington
  • 25th January 2016

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