Peugeot unveils new urban crossover concept

Image of Peugeot New Urban Crossover Concept

Peugeot’s New Urban Crossover Concept

Peugeot, which boasts as the best in diesel hybridization, has stunned the UK automobile market with the Urban Crossover Concept that defines the brand’s global perspective.

The Urban Crossover Concept is a global vehicle designed for city environments and will focus heavy on efficiency, offering a new vision of a compact Crossover that is robust, charismatic and refined.

This dynamic modern Peugeot model has a length of up to 4.14m and a breadth of 1.74m.

The unique design of the Peugeot’s Crossover is athletic and sleek, blending the elegance and finesse of a saloon and the subtlety of a Sports Utility vehicle, with the UK’s market versatility and generality expected from this segment.

The Crossover’s recent achievements saw 15 million units built, illustrating Peugeot’s vision to conquer new territories in the UK market.

The car sold close to 368, 000 units recently and the idea of a concept car – the Crossover – is expected to be a huge success, with its agility, multi-role nature, compactness and bold design.

Features such as a “floating” grille, sculpted bonnet, distinctive curved LED rear sports lights and double-bubble roof make this Urban Crossover a truly bold and exciting concept.

This unique Crossover is set to have mass appeal accross the globe.

Times are changing and so are our vehicles.

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  • 10th May 2012

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