Porsche Macan Turbo Review

There’s been a growth started by the Range Rover Evoque of premium small SUVs, with Audi, BMW and VW all jumping into this market. Here is Porsche’s offering and it’s reviewed by CarWitter. Their summary isDamn quick, feels like a hot hatch, save money, buy the S!”

Looks wise the Macan is a mash up of its bigger brother the Cayenne, and the rear of the new 918. Up front is very much downsized Cayenne, it has the same instantly recognisable bonnet, grille and lights.

Its side profile is reminiscent of the Audi Q3, a shallow angled rear window meets the Macans falling roofline. At the backend you find some wide, futuristic looking LEDbrakelights, inspiration for these was taken directly from the 918 Spyder. A deep diffuser cuts up into the rear bumper, whilst up top you will find a stubby rear spoiler.

Its a smart looker, Im glad Porsche havent gone the route of some other manufacturers in simply scaling down a current design *cough* BMW.

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 19th May 2014

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