Prices announced for Nissan NV400 conversions range

What the lowdown with the Nissan NV400 Conversions Range

Image of Nissan NV400 Conversions Range

Nissan Announce Prices For NV400 Conversions Range

Prices released for the new range

Nissan has revealed more elaborate details and prices for its new series of Nissan NV400 conversions, factory built editions that boast a maximum Nissan warranty.

The range admits a six and nine seat minibus, tipper conversions and a crew van. All the variations are available for both purchase and lease.

Nissan NV400 Conversions remains one of the most orotund LCV models in the UK,  promising great performance and efficiency levels in the auto industry.

The myriad variations witnessed on the wheelbase length, improved payload, refined engine horsepower and the re-designed front and rear wheels add colour to this NV400 range.

The NV400 chassis cab comes in 13 unique versions allowing van operators an expanded scale to choose from. Powered by a 2.5 dCi diesel engine, this range affords car drivers unrivalled transcendence in the industry.

This NV400 chassis cab is also available for purchase in the UK alongside the new-fangled range of the Nissan NV400 conversions – the factory built conversions.

Individuals opting for NV400 minibus stand to benefit from a roomy space capable of accommodating close to nine people without  compromising on their comfort.

This version also allows the driver to make good use of the generous load space that comes with the models that form part of this range.

NV400 conversions treat industry enthusiasts to two engine power options allowing them the freedom to choose between the100hp and 125hp variations.

The two options come with three point seat belts plus anti-lock brakes at a starting price of just £26,575.

The Nissan NV400 crew van with its comfy seats and huge cargo space also measures up quite adequately!

With the NV400 semi forward van based chassis cab and the Cabstar truck chassis cab, Nissan has two base vehicles that operators can use to build virtually any size or shape of conversion to match their business requirements.

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