Proceeds Well: The 2014 Kia Pro ceed Review [Video]

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The 1st model of the Kia Pro ceed was a welcome departure from the dull and functional form that Kia were previously known for, resulting in a game change and subsequent doubling of profits for the South Korean Manufacturer. This 2nd generation of this 3 door coupe development on the Ceed family hatchback, the 2014 Kia Pro Cee’d is set to continue throwing hefty punches for the Kia brand. It’s great looking, well built and boasts great running costs despite how well it performs.

Front view of 2014 Kia Pro_ceed

2014 Kia Pro_ceed

This is first and foremost, a proper coupe (the original drawing unlikely glances from those who merely saw it as a 3 door version of the Ceed family hatch. This 2014 Kia Pro ceed has been completely reworked to fit the bill. It is certainly a handsome looking machine – a real far cry from ‘old Kia’. The 2014 Kia Pro Ceed shares the same underpinnings as the regular Ceed, however the vibe here is very different – sportier and edgy with a sharp rising beltline and low set stance. The deceptively light tailgate rises skywards out of the muscular rear of the car to give you access to 380ltrs of boot space (that’s 20% more than a competing VW Scirocco) complete with a handy underfloor storage space. This can be extended to 1225ltrs of total cargo space should you want it if you fold the rear bench down.

The lip of the load area is rather high though so you may have to lift things over a bit but that’s nit-picking really. Entrance to the rear seating area is made nice and easy due to the long profile doors and the back seats should provide enough room for 2 adults (or 3 children) to sit back and enjoy the ride in a decent level comfort. The 2014 Kia Pro Ceed can have a tendency to feel a tad claustrophobic however due to the high window line. The front is nicely laid out with everything falling to hand well and smoothly finished with good quality materials and trimming. The chairs look sporty, but aren’t quite as supportive as you’d expect them to be. That is unless you have the top of the line Turbo GT model which does include proper sports seats.

The new 2014 Kia Pro ceed comes in 2 distinct forms. The new option of a Turbo GT model allows for those looking for some proper speed and performance, while those looking at a regular Pro ceed will be doing so for sexy looks and gravitas with a focus on day to day style motoring. To drive, it’s pretty much as its Ceed underpinnings would dictate. That being said, the ride and handling is pleasantly solid and confident with body roll well under control even when its being thrown around the bends. The steering is nice and direct but lacks a little in the feedback department. Kia have included their Flex Steer system as standard which allows you to alter steering via various modes, although this can have a tendency to be either too much each way. Handy nonetheless as it gives a driver that all important sense of having a car tailored to their style.

rear view of KiaPro_ceed

2014 Kia Pro ceed

Engine-wise, the standard 2014 Kia Pro Ceed comes with a choice of the 133bhp 1.6ltr GDi petrol unit and the 126bhp 1.6ltr CRDi turbo diesel.Both reach 122mph as a top speed but reach 62mph from rest in 10.5 seconds for the diesel and 9.8 seconds for the petrol. True, the diesel is slightly slower off the line, but it does have a whole 96Nm more in pulling power and the heavy engine sits in the compartment in such a way as to contribute confidence to the cornering. The eco figures also run in favour of the diesel with 74.3mpg and 100g/pk of CO2. That being said, the petrol engine isn’t too shabby in this respect either at 52.3mpg and 124g/pk CO2 . Those wannabe petrol heads will need to get the Turbo GT variant though with its 201bhp turbo 1.6ltr petrol engine which reaches 62 in 7.4 seconds up to a top speed of 143mph. It’s a very sprightly motor, but not quite capable enough as to take on the proper crème de la crème of the hot hatch elite, but it is more than enough to take down more expensive performance coupes such as the Toyota GT86 and the VW Scirocco.

All in all, what’s the lowdown with the 2014 Kia Pro ceed? This 3 door coupe is a top runner when it comes to combining both style and substance. It’s affordably priced, well equipped, solidly build and has one of the best after sales packages you can get. The 2014 Kia Pro Ceed also boasts sexy coupe styling that will cater well for people looking for a sporty looking car that is effective as a day to day car. With the regular model you probably won’t be satisfied if you’re looking for the rubber burning performance to back it up, but with the racey Turbo GT option you can have your cake and eat it too!

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