Pininfarina H2 Speed – The Quickest Ever Hydrogren Car

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Italian automakers Pininfarina have revealed their plans for a sexy and yet environmentally sound hydrogen-car that will be the fastest ever of its type; The Pininfarina H2 Speed.

It isn’t often that you find a car which is both rapid and environmentally conscious, but Pininfarina claim to have conceived a futuristic super-car that is both green and vicious.

Although it’s still very much in the concept stage, the hydrogen-car – which Pininfarina revealed at the Geneva Motor Show is going to be known as the H2 Speed – is going to be the fastest of its ilk, reaching mind bending speeds of up to 186 miles per hour.

This will ensure that the car will dwarf the figures managed by the Toyota Mirai.

It will also make it the first hydrogen-car that can race from 0 to 62mph in 3.4 seconds.

Power of  Pininfarina H2

The H2 Speed will rely on twin electric motors and a hydrogen fuel cell for power. It also comes with the green-friendly ability to conserve and regenerate energy after braking.

It can also be refuelled in less than three minutes, and has been put through a series of rigorous track-testing by Franco-Swiss company GreenGT.

No doubt this is going to be a scintillating car that combines function and form, but commentators have expressed concerns over the fact that Pininfarina have not yet revealed the car’s range.

For some commentators, it is range which could “make or break” this model.

No production dates have been released yet either, while costs are under wrap, too.

Will Titterington
  • 21st March 2016

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