Goodwood Festival of Speed sees a new reversing record set by Nissan

So over the pond they have the likes of Vin Diesel racing a quarter mile in an American muscle car. And us? Well we like to do things a little backwards.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 has had a diverse range of events and vehicles on show this year. Nothing caught our attention in the office more than the Nissan LEAF. Breaking records of reversing
1 mile in 98 seconds! Reaching speeds of up to 55mph.

Terry Grant was the man at the wheel with this unique skill. The direct drive to the wheels gives the car the potential to reach speeds just as fast backwards as it does forward.

These crazy antics were part of the Nissan social media campaign  ‘The Big Turn On’  that had the ambitious target of getting one million consumers switched on to electric driving in just 100 days. We are happy to say that their target was achieved 15 days ahead of schedule!

Terry’s only complaint was he had slight neck ache from constantly looking over his shoulder.

We know it’s not exactly your 10 second car! But we did wonder if Terry had reached speeds of 88mph would sparks have started flying as a ‘flux capacitor’ kicked into action seeing him fly back to the future.


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Andrew Kirkley
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  • 4th July 2012

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