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Introducing: the Seat Alhambra

Seat Alhambra Review

Seat Alhambra Review

Seat dropped of its 7 seater MPV for us to have a look at. Seat Alhambra Review from OSV Ltd.

The Lowdown.

The Seat Alhambra is a people carrier in every sense of the word. It seats seven adults with ease; gives you plenty of boot space and will get you from A to B efficiently and comfortably. The general looks and styling might be on the unassuming side (which may be considered somewhat at odds with the vibrant SEAT brand image). What you get instead is pretty much everything you’d expect from a no-nonsense MPV from the Volkswagen stable. Drivers looking for car lease deals on an epic-sized family car ought to give the Seat Alhambra close consideration.

The Look and Feel

So far as the exterior is concerned, SEAT has avoided an overly ‘boxy’ feel – thanks to a low bumper and relatively large headlights accompanied by a continuous slope from the roof to the front grille.

For motorists looking for car leasing deals on people carriers however, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and this is where the SEAT Alhambra really comes into its own. Sometimes the theory of how many people you can get into an MPV is very different to the practice: but not with the Alhambra. There’s plenty of space for seven grown-ups (not mere toddlers). There’s also plenty of window space – so even passengers on the back row will be able to enjoy the scenery.

SEAT has also thought sensibly about the often-tricky business of getting people in and out of a MPV in a relatively pain-free way. The sliding doors come in very useful when you’re tightly parked and need to get the kids in and out. The middle outer seats also tilt forward to further aid passengers getting out from the back row. If you so wish, you can also opt to have the doors electrically powered.

You might think that with all that passenger space, there’d be a price to pay when it comes to what you can get in the boot. Pleasingly, that’s not the case at all. Even when the car’s fully loaded with passengers there’s lots of luggage room. There’s also plenty of versatility when it comes to increasing capacity thanks to the fact that the seats collapse neatly and without too much fiddling about. When the rear row’s collapsed, you get just shy of 1,200 litres – whereas with both rows down you have an impressive 2,297 litres at your disposal.

Performance and Drive

For anyone seeking a car lease deal on an MPV, a thrilling driving experience isn’t on the list of priorities. That’s not to say that the SEAT Alhambra is too unwieldy to drive though. SEAT’s Stop-Start technology is designed with urban driving squarely in mind. The engine is stopped by taking the car out of gear and lifting the clutch when the vehicle’s stationary. Restarting the engine again is simple: simply drop the clutch. As an optional extra, you can also get your hands on a DSG clutch gearbox. This offers you the ability to use the wheel-mounted paddles to flip through the gears. ABS, ESP stability control and seven air bags all come as standard.


The standard Stop-Start system is not only handy; it also does its bit for your fuel consumption across the board. This means that car leasing deals on all of the SEAT Alhambra models prove to be attractive from an economical point of view. A 1.4 litre petrol engine may seem somewhat meagre for a car this size. Thankfully it comes with a turbocharger. The 1.4-litre TSI gives you 148bhp. In terms of fuel consumption you get a respectable 39.2 mpg.

Drivers who prefer a diesel MPV will find that SEAT is offering two 2-litre turbo diesel engines – available in 138bhp or 168bhp versions. The less powerful option returns 50.4 mpg and the 168bhp model offers 48.7 mpg.

The Final Word…

The SEAT Alhambra does everything well. If you’re in the market for an MPV, the chances are the Alhambra is going to be in competition with the Ford Galaxy and VW Sharan in terms of trying to catch your attention. For sheer value, the features that come as standard on the Alhambra (such as alloys and rear parking sensors) might just swing it in favour of the SEAT offering. Either way, this car definitely deserves a place on your list of MPVs to consider.

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