Skoda creates replica Stonehenge for Citigo launch

Check out this Replica Stonehenge made of cars!

Image of Skoda Citigo & Skoda 'Citihenge'

Lease Skoda’s Citigo – The Perfect Little City Car

News has emerged of a clever and eye-catching initiative from SKODA. A singular replica Stonehenge built exclusively from worn out Skoda’s! It has a recycling message at its core and is intended as a beacon in economical motoring.

The new variation of the iconic landmark or Replica Stonehenge if you will has been dubbed ‘Citihenge’ by its manufacturers, has been built  to celebrate the launch of the Skoda Citigo in the UK.

This recycled aspirational piece of art, ‘Citihenge’ was built under the leadership of Tommy Gun, the sculptor who led a design team of three in coming up with the new version.

The new installation is the latest among a series of other cultural creative projects tackled by Skoda and a concrete mark to escape the ordinary and deliver the best products to its customers.

The Skoda Citigo

The Citigo is a smart option for any city driver. It is perfect for the urban environment and embodies the future of driving.

Mechanically identical to the VW Up, this fabulous supermini model focuses on being a safe, spacious, economical and high-quality vehicle. Revealed at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show the Citigo is a small but perfectly formed city car available in both three and five-door versions.

It has all the ingredients present to make it a capable car that appeals to a broad spectrum of society. It makes an ideal first car, due to its extremely low running costs, while it also works for a young family since there are several clever touches which improve practicality.

The Skoda Citigo is a great looking small and reliable car that is ideal for the town. It is economical and affordable to run, with a ride that has the refinement and composure of a much larger car.

All in all, the Citigo may be a small car but it certainly packs a punch and has everything you need in a vehicle lease.

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What do you think of Skoda’s Replica Stonehenge?

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  • 21st June 2012

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