Skoda shows off VisionD concept

Skoda has finally released long-awaited photographs of its new design concept, VisionD.

Originally launched at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, these new photos offer a chance to get a closer look at the new direction of one of Europe’s major car manufacturers.

Freshness and precision

VisionD is a result of Skoda’s constant evolution, and reflection of the company’s desire to showcase its ambitions to customers and corporate partners.

The VisionD is one of Skoda’s first steps to enlarging its range, and expanding its share of the market, not only in Europe, but into India, China and Russia.

As a result, the concept was inspired by the idea of freshness and precision, revitalising the appearance of Skoda cars with a hefty injection of strong lines and European sophistication.

Beautiful simplicity

One of the major changes to the Skoda design is an overhaul of the logo.

Skoda’s trademark green arrow will be larger in the VisionD-derived vehicles. Bisecting the bonnet’s dramatic horizontal lines, the logo becomes the centre of the car, the point from which its contours emerge.

The logo is no longer coloured with its old ‘natural green’ but is now picked out on a lusher, special ‘Skoda Green’.

It’s ringed by a chrome-look surround, further emphasising Skoda’s desire to suggest updated modern quality and flair.

Taking Skoda’s distinctive look into the future

The VisionD retains successful hallmarks of Skoda design, and delivers them with a modern twist.

This includes the long wheelbase, short overhand combination which offers considerable spaciousness inside, and a base for the Skoda VisionD’s imposing lines.

The classic Skoda interior modular design is reinterpreted, without losing its focus on everyday practicality.

This builds on the phenomenal success of the Czech brand in recent years, with 2010 seeing a 10% rise in registrations, and Skoda scooping a total 36 major awards in the last two years.

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