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Success Of Skoda – Great Lease Prices Available


Solid performance and the commitment of ŠKODA’s team has seen to it that ŠKODA remains at the acme of success in the industry of automobiles – hence the great choice of manufacturer when it comes to leasing.

ŠKODA has successfully delivered its car units to the UK market and the entire automobile industry both for lease and purchase without cease.

Winfried Vahland , the CEO of SKODA attributed the phenomenal success to the excellent work of his staff and termed the financial success as an excellent base for future growth and dependence.

Guaranteed Success With SKODA

Ever dreamed of treading a certain path? A lease of any of the SKODA car models will be an assurance of success that no other car model promises in this modern age and in the entire auto-market as well.

As a matter of fact, the year 2011 witnessed a record high demand of ŠKODA cars with deliveries rising to 15.3 per cent.

With SKODA’s global share on the market hitting an all-time high of 1.4 per cent by December 2011, its brand name grew at a quicksilver rate more than any other car brand on the market.

ŠKODA managed to achieve a passably high percentage growth in the whole of Eastern Europe, with a 47% rating.

A highlight was growth in Asia. In India, sales increased nearly 50% showing the strength of the brand. In China, which continues to be ŠKODA’s largest market, the brand grew 21.9% to nearly 220,100 deliveries.

SKODA – A Mark Of Excellence

ŠKODA managed to perform splendidly well in overall sales both in the UK and globally. The excellent performance has been overly attributed to the attractive line of models that remains unexampled in the industry.

Are you a corporate customer? ŠKODA cars have become amazingly popular with corporate customers. The brand saw 239,000 cars sold or leased to fleet operators, a phenomenal increase of almost 27 per cent.

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  • 26th March 2012

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