OSV Spy Cam: check out the stunning new Lexus concept car

The new Lexus concept coupe

After months of teasing, Lexus finally unveiled their new concept sports car at Detroit earlier this month.

The Lexus LF-LC 2+2 concept coupe is well worth the wait too.

Designed to explore the next generation of Lexus design, the new concept is simply stunning visually, with a powerful presence.

The challenge for Lexus

Lexus are going through their biggest ever change, redefining the brand for the future and eager to maximise new possibilities.

As a result, they challenged the prestigious Calty design studio in California to create a Lexus prototype that invokes their strong new direction.

The new Lexus concept embodies avant-garde design with sumptuous attention to detail and the best of cutting-edge technology, while still having the potential to be produced at competitive prices.

Dynamic beauty

One of the most immediately striking features about the new Lexus is its front spindle grille.

Hailed by Lexus as a symbol of their future direction, the grille combines impressive beauty with top-end functionality, thanks to the air intakes at the bottom corners.

Lexus are justifiably proud of the new concept’s striking lines, where curves and angles create an interesting interplay with each other.

The bold design of the Lexus creates a powerful and eye-catching silhouette, evoking speed and vigorous energy even when the car is at a stand-still.

The sense of power is enhanced too, by the way the Lexus’s dynamic lines create the impression of depth, especially at the rear of the car.

Elegance and lightness are ensured with the Lexus’s glass roof, inspired by the best modern architecture. Plus the innovative new roof improves visibility for the driver.

Intuitive driving

The richly appointed interior is designed around the Lexus philosophy that driving should be an intuitively pleasurable experience.

The cockpit is a cocoon of organic soft lines accentuated by a chic brushed metal trim and wood inlay. Surfaces are finished in tactile leather and suede, adding a sensuous touch to the driving experience.

The very latest in touch-screen technology is combined with timeless Lexus design, through two LCD mounted on the dash.

Without losing focus on the road, the driver can instantly see vital information about the Lexus’s performance and control the audio, climate control and navigation systems.

Even the windows, mirrors, seat positions and personal entertainment settings are controlled through small touch-screen devices mounted on the doors.

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  • 31st January 2012

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