A Subaru WRX STI Just Broke The Isle Of Man TT Record For Cars

Isle of Man TT on this week is not just about motorbikes, well mainly it is, but this Subaru WRX STI just broke the record time for a car

The Isle of Man TT – which is on this week – is all about motorbikes going ridiculously fast on a twisty closed public road, but there are occasional times when a car gets a look-in. Three-time British Rally Champion Mark Higgins just averaged 116.47mph around the Isle Of Man TT course, breaking his own record. Thats some way off the fastest bike lap (17 minutes 6.682sec at 132mph set only a few days ago by New Zealander Bruce Anstey) but still hugely impressive. Well be keeping a close eye on any future attempts.

Footage of the whole lap is yet to be released, but this passing shot filmed by a spectator gives you an idea of how fast you have to be whipping to set records in this place.

Image courtesy of carthrottle.com

Andrew Kirkley
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  • 5th June 2014

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