2011 Skoda Fabia

2011 Skoda Fabia


Skoda Fabia – a model completely based on the Volkswagen Polo, enjoys its reputation for comfort and quality. In fact, some will say it’s a VW Polo for a little less on the price. It’s a supermini that gives you great value for money and it’s fun to drive.

The 2011 Skoda Fabia lives up to the standard built by the Volkswagen Group over many years of its establishment. From the time Skoda was taken over by VW, all models running down its assembly line have carried a trademark standard of the German manufacturer. This is a supermini that combines class with comfort and efficiency.

Driving Experience

The Fabia beats many of its main competitors – it’s well built with good visibility and light steering and makes parking in tight spaces a breeze. The engineers prioritised comfort over sporty performance. This is one thing you immediately notice about the Fabia’s similarities with [...]

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