2012 Honda CR-V

2012 Honda CR-V

Get it while it’s hot: the 2012 Honda CR-V!

The UK built 2012 Honda CR-V has emerged as the ‘Most Popular 4×4’  by honestjohn.co.uk.

The Honda CR-V offers immense quality, space, versatility and comfort and is an excellent choice of family vehicle to lease or purchase.

What We Can Expect

The roofline is lower and the styling is sharper with a bolder grille, creating a more dynamic look. The cabin is roomier and refinement will be improved.

The Honda CR-V is now lighter to improve fuel economy and electronically regulates the torque distribution to the rear wheels. An Eco Assist mode is also new. A button is pressed to go into fuel-saving mode.

The seating is comfy. There is also an excellent one pull folding seat. The dashboard layout is tasteful and simple and there is even better storage than before. The Honda CR-V excels at being a family vehicle with its impressive safety scores and [...]

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