2013 Renault Captur review

2013 Renault Captur review


phillip curtis

4 months ago

 got one of these as a rental car. what a pile of plop, no power and everything is plastic. nice looking but seriously you have to think hard and pray when pulling away. Jack Mehoff

9 months ago

 The battery is brick-able you fools. you cant buy your own.  The manufacturer has complete control over the product.  How dare you advertise this care you cheat. TruAgape1234

1 year ago

in reply to stephen10

With the vast majority of their rproducts ranking at the bottom, and their brand as a whole consistently STILL rating at the bottom, with the 2007 Laguna showing such a poor showing after 3 years in the link i posted, Renault is finding its horrible reliability record is still very real. When renault says their goal is to make cars that last 300,000 km (190,000mi) in the years to come, thats really sad considering other [...]
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