2013 SKODA Citigo

2013 SKODA Citigo

Get it while it’s hot: the 2013 SKODA Citigo

With the anticipation of any new vehicle launch in the UK, SKODA has certainly got our full attention with the all-new 2013 SKODA Citigo, a dynamic fuel efficient city car which promises nimble road manners, large interior space and a new momentum in car design sophistication.

Safety remains a priority in this contemporary new car model, with the vehicle earning five stars from the Euro NCAP.

The 3 or 5 door option Citigo has a roomy interior design, spacious enough to accommodate four adults and is without a doubt, engineering excellence.

The all-new Citigo with its 1.0 litre 3 cylinder petrol engine is clean and eco-friendly with low CO2 emissions of less than 105g/km.

Well-equipped too, we can enjoy as standard, thorax airbags, CD player, power steering and an adjustable steering wheel.

The new Citigo is an upmarket nippy fuel efficient city car that is also smart [...]

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