The well-established BMW reputation precedes the birth of every new model of Beamer – with the M class doubly so, but is the 2014 BMW M4 everything you’d expect for the latest from the fabled M series?

On a basic level you can class the M4 as a straight up replacement/mutation of the M3. Building upon the winning formula of the M3, the general set-up will seem familiar; however there are a range of improvements and design alterations that really make it really stand out from crowd.

At first glance it’s pretty much what you’d expect a BMW of this class to look like, yet the exterior design is sleeker and sexier than your average M3 . It’s got an aggressive looking nose, a number of gill like vents along the side, lots of weight reducing carbon fibre, a quad exhaust set up and a wider rear axle giving the car more width [...]

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