2014 BMW X6

2014 BMW X6

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When the first generation of the 2015 BMW X6 was first launched back in 2008, critics were almost unanimously repelled by the attempt at a crossover between a 4×4 and a four-door Coupe. There were suggestions that it was Frankenstein’s monster on wheels, and that it was surely too monstrous-looking to actually make any money. Surprisingly or not, BMW consumers disagreed and lapped it up.

2014 BMW X62014 BMW X6

There were calls for an explanation, with BMW claiming the X6 was designed to cater for consumers who wanted the bulk and might of a 4×4, but who also pined for the sporty look of a Coupe. The BMW X6 Series was also meant to fill a gap for those who had been using a 4×4 for family use, but who now wanted to drive [...]

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