2014 Mazda 3 Hatchback

2014 Mazda 3 Hatchback

Mazda introduced its new 2014 Mazda 3 hatchback yesterday (Wednesday 26 June) at several locations around the world.

Mazda’s top-selling model of all time becomes the third member of a new generation featuring the automaker’s “KODO – Soul of Motion” design and its full range of convention-defying SKYACTIV Technology. The new 2014 Mazda 3 hatchback thereby joins its award-winning siblings: the Mazda CX-5, a compact SUV launched in 2012, and the mid-sized Mazda 6.

Consisting of lightweight engines, transmissions, body and chassis, SKYACTIV Technology was developed by Mazda from the ground up as the basis for ultra-efficient vehicles. It has also helped put Mazda back on track as a business. The improvements achieved through SKYACTIV innovation have considerably enhanced the efficiency of its manufacturing and development processes.

“Everything about the new Mazda 3 hatchback is exciting, from the way it looks and feels to its dynamic performance, nimble responsiveness, reliability and operating costs,” says

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