2014 MG3

2014 MG3

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The MG brand is in the process of reinventing itself after coming back from the brink of death in 2005, when the upper echelons of this once prestigious British Manufacturer managed to mismanage themselves into oblivion. Here, after some Chinese re-investment, a somewhat soulless reintroduction with the MG6 and some time back at the drawing board… they released this car: the 2014 MG3. But is it enough to bring the MG back to life?

front view of 2014 MG3

MG are currently not one of the top brands that people consider – especially here in the largest selling car sector in the world – superminis. But maybe our perception of MG’s tarnished recent past is making us miss a trick here. True it might be fixed together from part kits sent over from China, but the Longbridge development team have gone to better lengths to [...]

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