2014 SEAT Leon ST

2014 SEAT Leon ST

Who ever said that estates had to totally focus on being boxy paragons of practicality? The 2014 SEAT Leon ST is out to prove that you can have an estate that’s good looking, dynamic to drive and practical to boot.

side view of 2014 SEAT Leon ST

SEAT aren’t particular known for their presence in the compact family hatch estate segment but they plan to change all that with the new 2014 SEAT Leon ST. Based on the VW Golf Estate, it’s very well engineered with the extremely clever light-weight MQB platform which does all sorts of lovely things for the driving dynamics. It’s also nicely teched out, affordably priced and has a sporty appeal that will make you a fool to look over it if you’re looking to buy or lease in this area.

So sporty AND practical – that’s the idea here. As much as [...]

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