2015 BMW M3

2015 BMW M3

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For anyone who was hoping for a return to the straight-six engine configuration, the German’s have granted your wish with the 2015 BMW M3.

Front view of 2015 BMW M3

There have been tonnes of improvements for the 2015 BMW M3. Speed, intelligence, style and value have all been enhanced, whilst performance is as good as ever. Did we expect anything less? Indeed, performance and power seems to be in BMW’s blood, and ever since the M3’s debut back in 1986, these virtues have only got better. Let’s take a closer look at what the 2015 BMW M3 offers.

Three Pedals and a Stick

Many modern car manufacturers reject the notion that a sports car has to come with six-speed manual transmission as standard, but what if that’s what the consumers are crying out for? If they are, then the 2015 BMW M3 has [...]

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