500c convertible

500c convertible

Most people with a heart couldn’t help but fall in love with Fiat’s 500 cute city car, and we’re pleased to announce that consumers will be falling even harder for the Fiat 500 C.

Okay, the teddy bear-like Fiat 500 was not for everyone. Some will have shaken their head at how adorable it was, with men trying very hard to remain unmoved whilst their partners tried to get them to stroke and bear hug theirFiat 500. But for consumers who like their metal cute, the new Fiat 500 C will turn your legs to jelly whilst melting your heart. Naturally, there needs to be substance behind the looks. Thankfully, there is, with more value, better build quality and excellent running costs. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Fiat 500 C offers.

Substance Behind Those Puppy Eyes

The problem consumers might have is falling into the trap of buying

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