London Motor and Tech Show
The London Motor Show, held in 2019 at the ExCeL London was a huge event which attracted over 30,000 visitors in its 4-day run. For the first two days we took some time out to listen to informative panels about the future of electric, women the motor industry and had a chance to see a possible future for James Bond! Of course, it wasn't all about the panels, we saw stunt shows, supercars and brand new cars from Hyundai, Isuzu and MG. To find out more about what we saw, keep reading.
Geneva Motor Show
Stick with us as we keep you up to date on all the Geneva Motor Show announcements before, during and after the event.

Best cars for accountants

Ever wondered what the life of an accountant would be like? We find out what an accountants typical day is like and what car would best suit their needs
business guy driving nice car
Accountants have this stereotype of being quite.... vanilla. You know, a bit magnolia. But almost every accountant I have met have been quite the opposite. Working with numbers is no great joy. Least of all for me, I'm very much more of a words type person. So perhaps it's that perception that working with numbers is boring that leads to this stereotype. When someone utters accountant I am immediately faced with a mental image of someone wearing an ill-fitting suit and thick-rimmed glasses carrying a calculator. Working on the assumption that the stereotypical accountant is more of a myth, I researched some of the most popular cars driven by accountants. To ensure this list of the best cars for accountants is accurate (because let's face it our accountants love accuracy). I've also looked into a typical day in the life of an accountant. So let's take a look at the best cars for accountants.

Massive Review Of The Audi A4 Avant Estate: Prices/ Features/ Comparison

Fancy the new Audi A4 Avant Estate? In our review, OSV takes a look at the Audi A4 Avant Estate's pros, cons and compares it to …
Audi A4 Avant Estate front
Looking for an objective review of the new Audi A4 Avant Estate? OSV have got you covered, from engines to lease deals.The new Audi A4 Avant Estate is one of the most upmarket and stylish estate cars on the road right now. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most upmarket estate cars there has yet been. It’s got the typical Audi touch of luxury, and it can also boast a very usable interior.The estate class is one that is rising in popularity, its rise coinciding with the slow demise of the saloon car. This A4 Avant is one of the most expensive ones available, and goes head to head with its big German rivals. If you want something a bit more affordable, check out our review on the new Ford Mondeo Estate.OSV takes a closer look at what this premium offering is all about with our 2014 Audi A4 Estate review.

Review of the Audi A5 Coupe: Features / Price / Comparison

Motoring Journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, reviews the all-new Audi A5 Coupe to find out it’s awesome or average.
Tim Barnes Clay and the Audi A5 Coupe
The Audi A5 Coupe arrived in 2007 as Audi began to diversify and add to its line-up, which was – at the time – becoming vastly more successful. Audi’s range expansion produced the A5 – a coupe bodied version of its famous A4 saloon, and another sales success was born. With all the good bits from the A4 but in a new sleek body, the Audi A5 has been coveted ever since its birth, and now the new generation has arrived, based once again on the excellent A4.

Review of the Audi A1 Hatchback

The new three-door Audi A1 Hatchback is one of the best small cars on the market right now. It’s crammed with all the latest technology, looks fantastic, and boasts the classiest interior in this sector.
Audi A1 hatchback in red parked
The new three-door Audi A1 Hatchback is one of the best small cars on the market right now. It’s crammed with all the latest technology, looks fantastic, and boasts the classiest interior in this sector.It also has fantastic resale values and is a second-hand car of choice for many young people in the UK. This means that after three years you can move it on while recouping around 50% of what you paid for it.Although it asks for a £4,000 premium over the Ford Fiesta, it isn’t a price that leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth. Rather, the A1 fills all the same roles as the Ford - but it does everything better. The driving experience is pleasant, and it’s cheap to run. But more than anything, it’s desirable.OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our Audi A1 Hatchback review.

Review of the Audi Q3 SUV: Features / Price / Comparison

Like the look of the new Audi Q3? In our review, OSV takes a look at the Audi Q3 SUV’s pros, cons and compares it to rivals...
Blue Audi Q3 parked up
The new Audi Q3 SUV is a relatively small but classy family car that is good to drive. It represents an interesting alternative to the Mercedes GLA and the BMW X1. This car is part of Audi’s new selection of Q-badged crossovers, SUVs and SUVs, and is derived from the former A3 hatchback, which explains its somewhat conventional aesthetics. It’s priced quite highly when compared to rivals that essentially do the same job but which are not premium, such as the VW Tiguan. Is badge appeal enough to convince you to opt for this one? OSV investigates with our Audi Q3 SUV review.
Mercedes A Class
There are so many different things to take into consideration when buying a car. For example; space, practicality, performance, speed, comfort, the list is endless. One of the main things we have to think about is reliability. One of the more boring considerations when getting a new car, reliability is a vital factor in choosing the right car for you. If a car isn’t reliable, then it can mean more money, and more time off the road. One of the brands we get asked about the most is Mercedes. One of the world’s most reputable brands, Mercedes is synonymous with luxury, power and refinement. But, despite their long-standing tradition of producing some of the most stylish cars on the market, their reliability is consistently questioned. So, are Mercedes reliable? In this article, we’ll be looking at how highly Mercedes are ranked in terms of reliability, and how this compares with their rivals...

Audi TT Coupe Review

Everything you need to know about the all new Audi TT Coupe

Review of the 2016 Audi RS Q3 (Features/Price/Comparison)

Renowned motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay talks the new Audi RS Q3 in this ultimate review
Audi RS Q3 review by Tim Barnes-Clay
Audi is one of those manufacturers that strives to have a car for every possible customer requirement. The Audi RS Q3 is the perfect example of this pursuit, seeking to be a blend of SUV comfort and practicality with sports car levels of performance.It’s certainly a rather quirky mixture, and with prices starting from £45,820, it has to deliver on a certain level of quality, both in terms of the driving experience and the luxurious feel expected of a high-end Audi product.
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