BMW 320d Gran Turismo Review

BMW 320d Gran Turismo Review

2013 BMW 320d Gran Turismo review

 BMW 320D Gran Turismo

The 2013 BMW 320d Gran Turismo combines the space of the Touring and the driving position of an SUV with the driving experience of a saloon. In other words, this is the latest addition to the BMW 3-series line-up and it looks just like a hatchback.

BMW 320d GT at a Glance

The first thing you notice about the 2013 BMW 320d Gran Turismo is its design. You cannot say for sure to what category of cars it belongs and many potential buyers may need a bit of explanation in this regard. Even though it strongly resembles a hatchback, this is nothing similar to the likes of the Vauxhall Insignia or Ford Mondeo. The 2013 BMW 320d Gran Turismo actually gets its inspiration from the larger 5-series GT and this is clearly visible in the massive amount of room inside. [...]

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