buying a new car

buying a new car

What are the deciding factors when buying a new car - header
Where do you look when you're searching for ideas and recommendations on a new car? Do you rely on reviews? Or are you more interested in what friends and family have to say? In this article we look at the various things which influence us when making a large purchase.
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Buying a car may seem like an easy process, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, in the days of vehicle brokers, and the rise of personal contracts, buying a car can sometimes look more complicated than it used to. Gone are the days of strolling into a dealership and simply buying a car in person...
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As you are approaching the end of your lease contract, you might be wondering when it is time for you to start looking for your next vehicle. On average, according to AutoTrader, it takes 14.4 hours to get a new car. Of course, this isn’t all in one go, this is staggered over a period of time. But when you choose to start that journey is up to you...

How to get the best deal on a new car

Buying a new car and want to get the best deal? This guide shows you how.
How to get the best deal on a new car
If you've made the decision to purchase a new car you'll likely already be aware of the downsides. In case you're not sure. Take a look at this article on the pluses and minuses of buying a new car. One of the downsides is the large decrease in the value of your car from the moment it's driven off of the forecourt. There are a few ways you can save some money though. In this article, we'll tell you how to get the best deal on a new car.

How do I get the best deal on a new car?

Top Tips For Getting The Best Deal On A New Car
how to get the best deal on a new car
So, you’ve decided you want a new car. How do you get the best deal? There are lots of things to consider when buying a new car, and some of these decisions can impact what sort of deal you get. At OSV, our team helps people like you find the best deal for them every day. That’s all we do, ever. So, we know exactly what sort of things you should be thinking about in order to get the best deal on your new car. In this article, we’ll be talking through some of your options in regards to getting a new car, and how these options will help you get the best deal on a new car. One of the things you need to consider when getting a new car is whether you are going to lease or buy...

Sometimes we buy big purchases like a car on impulse. Here is what Swinton Insurance suggest you should think about before you buy.

If you are thinking of splashing out on a new car make sure you drive off with a good deal with these top tips – from Swinton Insurance

1 – Consider your choice
2 – Do your research
3 – Don’t budge from your budget
4 – Take a test drive with someone in the know
5 – Shop around for finance
6 – Consider part exchange
7 – Trust your gut instinct
8 – Try this savvy saving trick

The Daily Mirror story gives details on these 8 tips.

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