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car insurance

Do lease cars cost more to insure? | Tips to reduce insurance costs

Lease car insurance | Does it cost more? | Tips to reduce insurance costs
do lease cars cost more to insure?
It's important to do your research when thinking about leasing a car. This includes ensuring you plan your budget factoring in all of the additional costs. It's worthwhile noting that typically your lease payments won't include car insurance. You do still need to insure your lease car, but this will be an additional cost you'll need to budget for. In this article, we'll take you through ways to reduce your insurance premium and answer the important question, do lease cars cost more to insure?

Do lease cars have tracking devices?

Will my lease car be fitted with a tracking device?
do lease cars have tracking devices
Vehicle tracking is legal in the UK under certain circumstances. As a rule, any company using vehicle tracking will be collecting data about the driver as well as the vehicle. Meaning that vehicle tracking is governed by the data protection act and falls under the laws of processing personal data.Any company collecting data about a driver must adhere to strict rules regarding the use of the data collected. Primarily they must be respectful of the individual's privacy. This means they are unable to use the tracker to 'spy' on you or sell data about your whereabouts to a third party. Secondly, they must obtain your signed permission to fit your car with a vehicle tracker. They are required by law to give clear information about how the data held about your car and how it will be used.

Lease car insurance | Exploring whether your lease contract includes car insurance.

Exploring whether your lease contract includes car insurance.
does my lease include car insurance
Your car lease is inclusive of things like road tax and manufacturers warranty, but does the lease include insurance? We'll look at the different types of car insurance and what level of cover you should choose if you have a lease car. As well as answer the question 'does my lease include car insurance?' There are three types of insurance for your car. These are Fully Comprehensive, Third Party and Third Party, Fire and Theft. You are legally obliged to have car insurance. The minimum requirement is to have third party insurance. But what are the differences between them?

How does leasing affect car insurance?

Why does leasing affect car insurance?
how does leasing affect insurance
If you're looking to lease a car then you need to think about insurance. Insuring your car is one of the biggest extra costs when it comes to cars, whether you are leasing or buying. But, does it affect insurance? And if so, how? We should note, before we start, that we are not insurance brokers. Therefore we are not experts. If you are in any doubt about insurance we do recommend you go to an insurance broker. However, we can give our opinion. And, we give our opinion out to customers every day. So, how does leasing affect insurance? Firstly, lets look at the different things that affect insurance as a whole...

Wouldn’t it be a shame if insurance companies started making less money…could start happening from 2017…

If were all being ferried around in autonomous motors, insurers wont be able to base premium prices on a drivers age or experience simply because there will be no driver.

Driving on auto-pilot. The idea of the driverless car first started to really intrigue motorists back in the sci-fi obsessed 1950s when features like auto-pilot and sonic keys were first put to the test features which today go by the name of cruise control and remote locking, respectively.

Here in the UK, meanwhile, driverless pods are being put through their paces and are expected to be a feature on the roads of Milton Keynes within the next few years.

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