Car Safety

Car Safety

Who Is In More Accidents? Men or Women?

We look to answer the age long debate...
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A few years ago, we reported that the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) found that men are more likely to be involved in crashes because of bad driving habits than women. These bad habits included driving too fast and drink-driving. They found that men were nearly twice as likely to be involved in a collision due to being careless, reckless or in a hurry. They also found that men are more likely to crash because of poor behaviour or inexperience. However, that was a few years ago, so is this still the case? In this article, we settle the argument once and for all and give you some top tips to stay safe on the roads...

Is Driving Getting Safer?

We look at whether driving is getting safer...
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A few years ago we reported that the Department for Transport stated that driving was getting safer. And in 2016, there were 44% fewer fatalities due to car accidents than there were in 2006. Based on that statistic, driving is safer now than it was ten, eleven years ago. But is that really the case? And if so, why are our roads safer now than they were a decade ago? In this article, we look at whether driving really is getting safer, why driving is getting safer and some tips to stay safe on the road...

What Safety Systems Are Found in Cars?

We look at some of the safety systems you might find in the latest car models...
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Cars these days are safer than ever. Volvo have even pledged to eliminate all death and serious injury in new Volvo cars by 2020. An impressive and massive promise to make, but one that we think they will be able to manage.And Volvo aren’t the only ones improving safety in their cars, car brands are constantly improving safety in our cars.So what sort of safety systems feature in our cars these days?In this article, we are going to look at what safety systems you might see in the latest models, how they work, and what safety features you should look out for in a new car.

How active safety systems work

The technology in today's cars are making driving safer and more enjoyable for us all, but do you know how all active safety systems really work?
An active safety system is a term used to describe features of a car such as ABS, Traction Control and Power Assisted Steering. These features are designed to improve safety while you are driving the vehicle. They are used to maintain the stability of the vehicle while undertaking regular driving tasks such as braking, accelerating and steering. Active Safety Systems are constantly being improved by vehicle manufacturers and in this article, we'll take a look how active safety systems work. What are active safety systems? You might not have heard of Active Safety Systems before. But you probably have heard of things like ABS (Anti-lock brake system) or power steering. Collectively these popular car safety features are named Active Safety Systems. With vehicle safety coming under constant scrutiny, manufacturer's are investing more into developing Active Safety Systems. It is generally believed that Active Safety Systems will play an increasing role in collision avoidance and mitigation in the future.

How are vehicle manufacturers preventing distraction to drivers

Car technology is becoming an essential part of car safety. We investigate how manufacturers are preventing distractions in their new vehicles
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We have often hailed in our articles that distracted drivers are the leading causes of road traffic accidents worldwide. Whether it's passing an unusual sight and, like a magpie to a shiny object, our eyes are fixed on that instead of the road. Or, making a bad judgement call and talking on the phone, eating or smoking while behind the wheel. Taking your eyes off the road, even momentarily, can be fatal. The sad truth is that humans are easily distracted by nature. So how do you overcome something that is so ingrained into our being?Well, leading car manufacturer's are taking matters into their own hands. Understanding that people are always going to be easily distracted, they have set about creating new technologies to over-ride us as drivers and reduce human error. These new technologies give the vehicles the control. In what seems like a science-fiction dream modern cars are safer than ever with these amazing new technological advancements. In this article, I'll take you through how some vehicle manufacturers are helping in the war against distracted drivers and the new technology which is helping keep our roads safer.

Bizarre things people have been caught doing whilst driving

You may laugh at some of the things on this list.... we did..... but the reality is that it's very dangerous indeed
This article was a lot of fun to write. I was amazed, amused and honestly horrified at some of the things people have been caught doing while driving. As we've covered in a previous article distractions while driving can be hazardous. There are some distractions that can't be avoided such as an accident on the road, pedestrians behaving badly or a fellow road users reckless driving. But, this list is packed full of completely avoidable and utterly bizarre things people have been caught doing whilst driving.

Car technology that could save your life

Want to know about the latest and most important car safety features? We look at car technology that could save your life; Including blind spot monitoring
Car Technology That Could Safe Your Life
This is no weak headline. Technology in cars is becoming more and more advanced. In 2017 we have seen some innovations that can literally be the difference between life or death in a road traffic accident. With a sharp eye on vehicle safety currently. These innovations will continue to develop in the future to make driving as safe as houses.For now, we're proud to take you through some of the leading technologies designed and on the market making life on the roads safer for us all.

Safety when driving in the dark

These tips for safely driving in the dark will help to keep you safe during your night time drives
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Night time driving is undoubtedly more dangerous than driving in good light. Safety when driving in the dark is important to reduce your risk of an accident. In this article, we'll be discovering the top tips for staying safe when driving in the dark and the increased risk factors associated with night driving.

Distractions When Driving | Distracted Drivers Cause Accidents

The most common distractions when driving and how often they cause accidents
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Distractions when driving are all too common and distracted drivers can cause fatal accidents. With 1752 fatalities on Britain's Roads in 2015, we look to investigate if distractions when driving are contributory factors. You might be surprised at the statistics in this article. We were shocked at how common and how dangerous distractions when driving are. Distracted driving is usually divided into three components: Visual – Distractions that cause drivers to take their eyes off the road. Manual – Distractions that cause drivers to take their hands off of the wheel. Cognitive – Distractions the cause drivers to divert their attention from the road. Statistics show that up to 72% of drivers in the UK have admitted to multi-tasking whilst at the wheel. This dangerously high level of distracted drivers causes countless road accidents every year, often leading to serious injuries and fatalities

Safety features to look for when leasing a new car

What safety features should I look for when leasing a new car? Tips and advice
Safety Features To Look For
Choosing to lease a new car is exciting. That brand new car smell is within your reach, now you've just got to decide which car you want. I say just...... it's the biggest decision to make of the whole process. You must consider what the car will be primarily used for and what you will find most comfortable. Whether you want a petrol or diesel engine? In amongst all of these decisions, it's easy to forget about safety features. But the safety features in your new car could be the difference between life or death so they are vitally important to consider. Yes, all cars must meet certain safety standards but some are definitely more safety conscious than others. In this article, we'll take you through some of the key safety features to look for when leasing a new car.
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