Citroen C1 Review

Citroen C1 Review

The Lowdown.

The Citroen C1 will appeal to motorists looking for car lease deals on a reliable, fun way to get about town. It helps that this smart little city car is cheap to run – which makes it a great choice as a first car for a young driver. The Citroen C1 will also appeal as a second car option for family drivers looking for car leasing deals.

The Look and Feel

It goes without saying that this is the smallest car in the Citroen range. It measures in at just 3.44 metres in length. It’s light as well: the C1 is equipped with what Citroen refers to as the world’s lightest production engine – which no doubt plays a big part in keeping the overall weight of the car down to around 800 kgs. This in turn does its bit when it comes to fuel efficiency. Citroen has also made the [...]

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