concept cars

concept cars

According to Paul Horrell of Top Gear, today’s Concept Cars are not really “Concept Cars” any more like they were 10 years ago. Find out why in this excerpt and click through with the link at the bottom to see the full story.

Whats the point of concept cars?

Are all concepts created equal?

No. Some concepts – and they’re generally pretty easy to spot – are nearly finished versions of production cars. They’re wheeled out at motor shows to whip up a bit of hype and persuade the public not to go and buy something from the opposition. For instance, the Jaguar C-X16 and the C-X17 were done to get us ready for the F-Type and the upcoming crossover.

Jaguar’s silly coyness about their prospects was unnecessary because neither of these cars were replacing anything else in the range. BMW’s endless succession of i car concepts were necessary to prepare the ground with public [...]

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