Discovery Vision concept car

Discovery Vision concept car

land rover visionClarkson of Top Gear on top of a US aircraft carrier gives his view of the Land Rover concept car. Here is an excerpt. Link to full article is below.

Land Rover reveals Discovery Vision concept in New York

Normally we wouldn’t bother with the launch hoopla surrounding a new car, but this time we’re making an exception. is currently sitting on the deck of a US aircraft carrier, the HMSS Intrepid, there’s a Virgin Galactic spaceship about 20ft away, not to mention a Lockheed SR-71, Concorde, and a bloody Space Shuttle (Intrepid is an amazing floating aviation museum these days.) Plus, we’ve just been treated to a spectacular laser show, as if the Manhattan skyline wasn’t a crazy enough backdrop. Sci-fi and showbiz: and all to usher in a Land Rover concept

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