e class cabriolet

e class cabriolet

Over time, the Mercedes E-Class convertible has become the yardstick upon which all others shall be measured in this class. The ultimate driving machine doesn’t have anything that could be compared side by side, while the Audi A5 convertible isn’t really up to scratch.

The new E-class convertible has undergone some pleasing revisions too that will surely help it retain its position of top dog. It’s now got tidier styling (with the roof up or down), is more efficient and comes with oodles of equipment. Can it finally dispel the idea that all large convertibles are a bit of a joke? Let’s take a closer look with our review.


Mercedes E-Class Convertible Test Drive


A few years back, this car was focused on mammoth capacity engines that were relaxed and worked in tandem with the personality of the vehicle. In 2016, things have changed, and any Mercedes dealership trying to flog

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