electric cars

electric cars

Motoring News from 15 April 2019

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Motoring News
We like to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the motoring industry. Here you will find all the news from 15 April. We will update this article all week to make sure you stay on top of everything going on.
Electric Cars: an in-depth look at the benefits
In the second of our Electric Car series we take a look at some of the benefits to owning an electric car, looking at range, speed and cost.
Plug ins and outs of electric cars
In the first article in a series about electric cars we look at the cars that are currently available to drive on British roads, some of the cars that are coming in the next 12 months and also some of the benefits to purchasing an electric car.

What Powers Electric Cars?

We look at how electric cars work, and what powers them...
Vehicles parked up charging at electric charging points
Electric cars are becoming an increasingly common sight on British roads, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. Volvo have committed to making their cars either completely electric or a plugin hybrid by 2019, France are to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 and Britain are to ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. So, electric cars, whether we like it or not, are on the up. While they are becoming more popular, we still don’t know all that much about them. For example, what powers electric cars? In this article, we’re going to look at what powers electric cars, how they work, and whether they are as green as we think.

Who Discovered Electric Cars?

We take a brief look at the history of the electric car...
old black and white illustration of a black electric car
Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and are a more common sight on our roads than ever before. Their ranges are getting longer, they are becoming more affordable and they are becoming a very viable option for many as their next choice of car.But, do we really know that much about electric cars and their history? For example, who discovered electric cars?In this article, we look at who discovered electric cars and the history of the electric car.

Will electric cars save you money?

Wondering if Electric cars really save drivers money? We explore whether they are worth the hype and how much you may save a year
3d rendering of a white car charging at an electric car charging point
The future is now and electric cars are here to stay. At least that's the way it seems. Electric cars have seen a surge in popularity after a shaky start to life. The advancements in technology that come with electric cars these days make them more capable all-around than the first models. Combined with environmental issues receiving plenty of public attention it's clear that electric cars are going be getting a lot more attention over the next few years. But, will electric cars save you money? With the incentives in place to encourage us over to the apparent green side, it would certainly seem that way on paper. In this article, we'll delve a little deeper and discover the real answer to the question will electric cars save you money?
diesel cars being discontinued?
It's a little too early to know if diesel cars are being discontinued. Transport experts have been talking for some time about diesel cars being discontinued. This is because the government is under pressure to place more importance on reducing air pollution. The supreme court has ruled that UK Government must take urgent action to tackle air pollution. This industrial action has prompted discussions about diesel cars being discontinued. The EU previously demanded that Britain cut nitrogen dioxide levels to 40 micrograms of per cubic metre by 2010. The UK have failed to reach this target. As a result, the European Commission have threatened to fine the UK millions of pounds.

Best Luxury Electric Cars

Looking for an electric car that is on the more luxurious side? We take a look at the best luxury electric cars...
Tesla Model S front view fast driving red paint
If you want an electric car but want something on the luxurious side, then you are in luck. Because there is a surprising amount of luxury electric cars on the market today.But, which ones are the best?In this article, we take a look at the electric cars on the more executive end of the spectrum.

Company Car Tax for Electric Cars

Everything you need to know about company car tax for electric cars
Electric charging point
When looking at company cars, company car tax will play a huge factor. You don’t want to get your dream car, only to find that the amount you will have to pay in company car tax takes you up and over your budget.Electric cars have always been divisive. But, like it or not, they are becoming more popular and it won’t be long before they’re a common sight on our roads.One of the reasons they will become increasingly popular is because of company car tax.In this article, we are going to be looking at everything to do with company car tax for electric cars, and which electric cars you might want to look at for your next company car.

How Far Can an Electric Car Travel in One Charge?

We look at how far the top electric cars in the UK can get you before you have to recharge...
Map - how far can an electric car travel in one charge
With electric cars becoming an increasingly popular sight on our roads, it’s worth talking about range anxiety. Range anxiety is pretty simple; it’s the worry that the battery will run out of power before your reach your destination, or you reach a charging point.In a way, we all understand range anxiety because I can’t be the only one that panics when my phone hits 20% and I’m not home yet. But anyway, range anxiety is, for some, a big factor when considering an electric car.Many people have tried to reassure drivers that range anxiety really isn’t as bad as people think it is, and that you can actually get quite a way in an electric car before it runs out of charge.But, how far can an electric car go?We take a look at how far the Top 8 electric cars in the UK can go before they run out of charge. We measured them from the OSV offices down in Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3QZ and used Google Maps to find the quickest route North. Bear in mind that this is with little traffic and driving at the recommended speed limit.
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