Ferrari California

Ferrari California

ferrari californiaThe “more affordable fair deal” Ferrari. Perhaps not for me at the moment. The California though it’s the cheapest model is now a real Ferrari according to Lawrence Ulrich of BBC autos…

For commuters in workaday Hondas and Chevys, calling a $198, 000 sports car a fair deal might earn you a soaking at the water cooler. A thoughtful redesign has turned this most affordable Ferrari into pure, hair-mussing pleasure and a beguiling member of a lineup that otherwise starts around $240, 000 and escalates rapidly. The California already ranked as Ferraris fastest-selling model ever, finding 10, 000 buyers since its introduction in 2008.

A tail-heavy shape that recalled an Italian turnip didn’t help. More unfairly, the California suffered the reverse snobbery of internet loudmouths who feigned outrage over a Ferrari that dared consider open-roofed comfort and drivability along with performance.

Yes, the pricier 458 Italia, 458 [...]

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