Fiat Panda Review

Fiat Panda Review

The Lowdown.

The Fiat Panda has been a much-loved fixture on the motoring landscape for more than 30 years. The latest version shouldn’t disappoint. It’s been a matter of tweaking a winning formula for Fiat – with the addition of some useful innovations and ever more efficient engine variants. Anyone looking for car lease deals on an all-round solidly performing city car will want to pay close attention.

The Look and Feel

Rounded-out rectangles feature heavily on the exterior of the Fiat Panda – from the extra side windows at the rear through to the wheel arches and headlamps. The Fiat Panda also happens to be relatively tall for a vehicle in this class – which almost gives it the air of a mini-MPV rather than a city car. There’s plenty of glass – so visibility isn’t a problem and the car is wider and longer – as well as taller than previous [...]

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