five-door Mini Hatch

five-door Mini Hatch

What do you think of a Mini with 5 doors? In terms of looks not sure I like it but gives a lot more space.

Minis stopped being ‘mini’ quite a while ago now. But, in case you hadn’t noticed that, the company has now revealed a five-door version of their iconic hatch. It’s still quite a small car, but it has grown by 161mm over the three-door model (and 11mm in height) – giving you a very useful 72mm increase in rear legroom, as well as a boot that is now a respectable size (hurray!).

Being so used to the three-door model, this five-door car does look a little strange.

But not in a bad way, I think.

Prices are up about £600 over the equivalent three door car, meaning the entry-level Cooper starts at £15,900, rising to £20,050 for the [...]

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