golf cabriolet

golf cabriolet

The Volkswagen Golf convertible is now VW’s only convertible available to the mainstream, which means the brand have been able to pay more attention to what was always their favourite son. As such, the slick machine benefits from a few smart updates, particularly in the looks and efficiency departments. Though it continues to be based on the MKVI Golf design, there is a lot that is new here – and a lot of reasons why it’s still relevant. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers buyers.


Volkswagen Golf Convertible Test Drive


Volkswagen are really clever when it comes to marketing their Golf cabriolets. They understand the market perhaps better than anyone else, which is why they have a tendency to sell soft-top convertibles that are at least a generation behind everyone else.

Why? Because they know that soft-tops stay on the shelves longer than tin-tops.

VW are also savvy

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