Honda Civic Review

Honda Civic Review

The Lowdown.

Honda has clearly been hard at work trying to refine and improve the 2012 Honda Civic to ensure that it remains a real player in the ever-popular family hatchback market. On taking a closer look at the ninth-generation 2012 Honda Civic, it seems all that effort has paid off. Offering a better ride than its predecessors, improved fuel efficiency and an overall feeling of ‘quality’, the new Civic ought to be close to the top of the wish list of anyone looking for car lease deals on a mid-size hatchback.

The Look and Feel


Fans of the Mk 8 will be pleased to note that Honda has opted for ‘intelligent tweaking’ rather than a comprehensive re-working so far as the 2012 Civic’s exterior is concerned. For instance, some car lease customers were put off by the somewhat restricted visibility caused by the earlier model’s split rear screen. This has now been [...]

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