Best cars for accountants

Ever wondered what the life of an accountant would be like? We find out what an accountants typical day is like and what car would best suit their needs
business guy driving nice car
Accountants have this stereotype of being quite.... vanilla. You know, a bit magnolia. But almost every accountant I have met have been quite the opposite. Working with numbers is no great joy. Least of all for me, I'm very much more of a words type person. So perhaps it's that perception that working with numbers is boring that leads to this stereotype. When someone utters accountant I am immediately faced with a mental image of someone wearing an ill-fitting suit and thick-rimmed glasses carrying a calculator. Working on the assumption that the stereotypical accountant is more of a myth, I researched some of the most popular cars driven by accountants. To ensure this list of the best cars for accountants is accurate (because let's face it our accountants love accuracy). I've also looked into a typical day in the life of an accountant. So let's take a look at the best cars for accountants.

Honda HR-V Hatchback vs Citroen C4 Cactus vs Nissan Qashqai Review & Comparisons

Seen the new Honda HR-V Hatchback on the road? OSV take you round the new honda release to show you all the new features
honda hr-v hatchback edit
The new Honda HR-V Hatchback must be the envy of its rivals. And if you own one before any of your neighbours, you could be the envy of your street. It’s a big, spacious Hatchback that boasts more equipment and room than its competitors. But despite its size, it’s also incredibly stylish. In other words, it’s neither one nor the other - it’s both at the same time. It’s rugged and a total babe. It’s also confident on the road, goes well with a full load, and has an upmarket interior. OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our 2017 Honda HR-V Hatchback review.

Honda Civic Tourer vs Ford Focus Estate vs Volkswagen Golf Estate Review & Comparisons

Seen the honda civic tourer on the road? OSV take you round the new honda release, including Costs, Equipment & compare it to other similar vehicles
Honda Civic Tourer Edit
The new Honda Civic Tourer is at the pricier end of things, but you get what you pay for. Here, that means reliability, a huge boot and efficient diesel engines. Even better, it’s based on the slick and massively popular Honda Hatchback. In some ways, Honda can’t go wrong with this car. They were resistant to developing it in the first place, with consumer demand convincing them to give it a go. As such, it’s already got people waiting in line to try it out. If you were one of the Civic fans who wanted a super-sized version, join OSV as we take a look at what this one’s all about with our Honda Civic Tourer review.

Massive Review Of The Honda Civic Hatchback: Features/ Prices/ Comparison

Fancy a Honda Civic Hatchback? In our review, OSV takes a look at the Honda Civic Hatchback's pros, cons and compares it to …
2017 Review Of The Honda Civic Hatchback
The new Honda Civic Hatchback looks a bit different to the more conventionally-styled hatchback’s in this sector. It comes with an excellent track record of reliability, and makes a strong alternative to the usual suspects in this market - the Ford Focus et cetera. Over the years, the Civic has cultivated a reputation for being affordable and dependable. It’s a wholesome family car you can rely on to get you guys from A to B without any hassle, and it’s always been a joy to ride in. In 2016, it continued to do what it’s always done best. This means that making your mind up over which hatchback to buy is going to be tricky! OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our Honda Civic Hatchback review.

Japanese manufacturer, Honda, saw that in order to conquer the European market they would have to embrace diesel technology – something they’ve been pretty passionate about ignoring for quite some time. But this is the modern era and that pig headed approach will most likely result in losing their place in the metaphorical championship – the result? Honda have become more mainstream with the Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC.

When you’re looking for diesel power in a hatch or an estate you’ll often be confronted with 2 extremes – somewhat unexciting 1.6ltr units or pricier and inefficient 2.0ltr units. The cleverness behind the 120ps 1.6ltr i-DTEC diesel engine is that you no longer have to commit to an extreme in this scale and it’s available in the 9th generation Honda Civic Hatch and Tourer estate models. Yes it is possible to have decent performance and economy at the same time – that’s exactly what Honda’s

The Lowdown.

Honda has clearly been hard at work trying to refine and improve the 2012 Honda Civic to ensure that it remains a real player in the ever-popular family hatchback market. On taking a closer look at the ninth-generation 2012 Honda Civic, it seems all that effort has paid off. Offering a better ride than its predecessors, improved fuel efficiency and an overall feeling of ‘quality’, the new Civic ought to be close to the top of the wish list of anyone looking for car lease deals on a mid-size hatchback.

The Look and Feel


Fans of the Mk 8 will be pleased to note that Honda has opted for ‘intelligent tweaking’ rather than a comprehensive re-working so far as the 2012 Civic’s exterior is concerned. For instance, some car lease customers were put off by the somewhat restricted visibility caused by the earlier model’s split rear screen. This has now been [...]

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