Kia Venga Review

Kia Venga Review

2014 Kia Venga- The Lowdown.

If a standard supermini simply isn’t going to meet your requirements so far as space is concerned, the next step upwards is what is often referred to as the ‘compact MPV’. The 2014 Kia Venga is a very good example. If you’re looking for car lease deals on a compact family car, the 2014 Kia Venga warrants close attention. Despite its compact exterior, it offers plenty of space – and certainly holds its own so far as economy and driving experience is concerned.

The Look and Feel

The exterior and interior styling of the 2014 Kia Venga are unlikely to take your breath away. Then again, that’s probably not at the top of your list of priorities if you’re looking at car leasing deals for vehicles in this category. There is however, a reassuring solidity about the way this car looks from the outside. This is achieved thanks to the fact [...]

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