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lease cars

What are the limitations of a lease?

Is a lease limited and what limitations are there when leasing a car?
What are the limitations of a lease?
Opting for a lease vehicle gives you a whole host of flexible options. Many consider leasing a car to be the cheapest way to get behind the wheel of a new car. While leasing offers a great deal more flexibility than purchasing a vehicle there are some limitations. In this article, I'll go over all of the flexible options you have when choosing to lease and what are the limitations of a lease.

What am I liable for when leasing a car?

A complete guide to your liabilities when leasing a car
What am I liable for whean leasing a car
One of the most common questions we hear from first-time leasers is. What am I liable for when leasing a car? Leasing has a greater advantage over buying in this instance. This is because your liability for a lease car is limited. So what am I liable for when leasing a car? Well, let’s take you through your liabilities as the leasee.

Getting a car lease for my partner | Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about getting a lease car for someone else.
Getting a car lease for my partner
What a grand gesture! Your partner is very lucky. Taking out a lease as a surprise for someone else is one of the most generous and exciting gifts. Or, perhaps it's more of a practicality. Many people have taken out lease cars for their partner because they have a better credit rating. Perhaps their partner wasn't accepted for a lease or finance agreement. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to remember when taking out a lease or finance agreement on behalf of someone else

What research before contacting a leasing broker should I do?

A complete list of research that you should consider doing before contacting a lease broker
research before contacting a lease broker
With so many options on the market for every category of vehicle from SUV's to small town cars, how do you choose what is right for you? This comes in at number one in the things you need to research before contacting a leasing broker. I recommend making a list of all the essential features the vehicle needs to have to meet your requirements. Consider your daily vehicle usage and the type of roads you usually drive on. Think about the space you need in the boot and cabin. You may want to consider fuel efficiency if you're likely to do a lot of mileage. Then, the desirable features of your ideal car. Perhaps you'd like to have a DAB radio, Bluetooth integration or TV's for the kids installed. Now you have a pretty good picture of the type of car you need and the features you want you can begin the next process.

What is an initial payment on a car lease and common FAQ’s

A complete guide to the initial payment on your car lease plus frequently asked questions
initial payment on a car lease
The initial payment on a car lease is the amount of money that the driver can afford to put towards the overall lease cost up front. Not to be confused with a deposit, the initial payment allows the driver to spread the remaining cost over the number of months in their contract. The more that can be paid up front, the less the monthly payments will be.

How to get the best car lease deal

11 points to consider when searching for the best lease deal
how to get the best lease car deal
So you’ve decided you want to lease a car, hooray! Now, you just have to try and find the best deal.There are lots of different factors involved when trying to find your perfect car and many lease deals are time sensitive. Therefore, finding a deal that works best for both you and your timeline can prove to be difficult. Understandably, you might be wondering;How do I get the best lease deal? How do I know I am getting a good deal on my lease car?We understand that the process of leasing a car can sometimes be daunting and potentially overwhelming. That’s why we decided to provide you with some key tips to help you find the best car lease deal.
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