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When looking to find fresh talent, it seems that company cars are still the best bet for businesses, according to new research by OSV. The data shows that 49% of interviewees would even consider accepting a job that didn’t otherwise appeal, if a car that they couldn’t afford privately came as part of the package. In spite of this, more than half (51%) of those interviewed admitted that they still didn’t understand the Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax regulations in relation to company car use, which came into force more than a year ago (April 2017).

Should you lease your next car?

Thinking about leasing your next car? Here are some things you should consider...
Blue Ford Fiesta - why is business contract hire cheaper than personal contract hire
Around 20% of all new car transactions are leases. Having the option to drive a brand new car every two or three years is very appealing to most people and with the amount of great deals available, leasing is become increasingly popular. But, should you lease your next car? Aside from the fact that you get a new car every few years, leasing does have its good qualities. However, it isn’t for everyone. At OSV, we help people decide if leasing is for them every day, and have done so for almost two decades. So in this article we will be looking at the pros and cons of leasing, and whether you can get a better deal if you lease your next car. There are lots of advantages to leasing a car such as...

Getting a car lease for my partner | Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about getting a lease car for someone else.
Getting a car lease for my partner
What a grand gesture! Your partner is very lucky. Taking out a lease as a surprise for someone else is one of the most generous and exciting gifts. Or, perhaps it's more of a practicality. Many people have taken out lease cars for their partner because they have a better credit rating. Perhaps their partner wasn't accepted for a lease or finance agreement. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to remember when taking out a lease or finance agreement on behalf of someone else

How does Business Leasing work?

Everything you need to know about business leasing
how does business leasing work
Business leasing is an extremely popular form of leasing. In fact, leasing was originally aimed at businesses before it looked at private individuals. But, how does business leasing work? In this article we look at the pros and cons of business leasing, the different contracts, and how it all works. Firstly, who exactly qualifies for business leasing? You can lease a car if you are any of the following...
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