Lotus Evora Review

Lotus Evora Review

2014 Lotus Evora Review

Driving Experience

If you plan on buying the 2014 Lotus Evora, then you are in for a cool driving surprise. It’s the experience you will get from its 3.5-litre V6 engine. The Lexus RX350 luxury 4×4 is a running testimony that has been powered by this engine. From the face of it, you would never assume a Lotus can be powered by such an engine. Both are powered by Toyota engines, but the vigorous 1.8-litre VVT-i engine was left in the Elise but the Evora’s powerhouse had to be upped to be a superior force at 276bhp.

The 2014 Lotus Evora will jump to 60mph within five seconds thanks to its 6,400rpm maximum power output mark. If you think 4,700rpm generating 340Nm of torque is not good enough muscle, you could perhaps check out the Evora S model which is a faster model with the engine supercharged at 345bhp.

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