Things to be aware of when leasing a vehicle

Making the decision between buying and leasing a car is tricky but with all the different leasing offers available, it could save you money. Find out all the things to be aware of when leasing a vehicle
business man in blue suit holding car key ring over car leasing documentation
Making the decision between buying and leasing a car is tricky. Leasing offers some excellent benefits we've highlighted previously in our article What are the pros and cons of leasing? But if you've already made your decision and leasing is the way you want to go then you're in the right place. This article is going to run through all of the things to be aware of when leasing a vehicle so you can go into your first leasing journey with your eyes wide open. Knowledge is power so they say, so read on.Special Offers If you haven't got your heart set on a specific make and model of vehicle you could benefit by being flexible. Periodically manufacturers will offer highly discounted lease specials to generate more interest in slow-selling models. Special offers are even available on popular models such as Mercedes and Audi. But if you're prepared to look outside the box or waiting until a good deal comes along then you could benefit from some significant savings. Using a broker for your lease car will ensure you can shop the whole marketplace for these deals for you.

Who repairs a lease car? | Maintenance, servicing and repairs

Lease car repairs | Who repairs my lease car?
Who repairs a lease car
With any car comes the burden of maintaining, servicing and repairing the vehicle. This can bring unexpected costs and can stretch your budget. Leasing can help to control these eventualities. Your car lease doesn't include servicing, maintenance and repair costs unless you opt to purchase a maintenance package. But, your car is covered by a manufacturer's warranty, usually for the duration of your lease. This means those key elements of the vehicle such as the engine, gearbox and some electrics are covered. If you plan to lease the car for longer than the warranty period you can purchase an extended warranty to ensure you keep your cover. Any defects or damage that occurs during normal vehicle usage should be rectified as soon as possible. This will ensure that the consequential damage is minimised.

Costs new drivers need to think about

New drivers need to be aware of these costs before deciding to own their own car
Costs new drivers need to think about
Costs new drivers need to think about Whether you are taking driving lessons, booked your driving test or you've passed with flying colours, you'll likely be getting excited about the prospect of owning your own car and the freedom that comes with it. This article details the costs new drivers need to think about before buying or leasing a car.

What am I liable for when leasing a car?

A complete guide to your liabilities when leasing a car
What am I liable for whean leasing a car
One of the most common questions we hear from first-time leasers is. What am I liable for when leasing a car? Leasing has a greater advantage over buying in this instance. This is because your liability for a lease car is limited. So what am I liable for when leasing a car? Well, let’s take you through your liabilities as the leasee.

How to maintain an electric car

Everything you need to know about maintaining an electric car...
white car being repaired in a garage with a man in a blue and white jumpsuit repairing it
With electric cars becoming increasingly popular, one of the most common concerns amongst drivers and potential electric car buyers is how to maintain them. An ongoing myth about electric cars is that they are difficult and expensive to maintain. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, it’s estimated that electric vehicles will actually be cheaper than regular cars by 2025 purely because they are cheaper to maintain. But, what sort of maintenance does an electric car need? In this article, we’re going to cover what sort of maintenance an electric car needs, how much it will cost, and how to maintain your electric car at home.

Do lease cars include servicing? | What’s included in my lease?

Looking into what is and isn't included in your lease. Do lease cars include servicing?
do lease cars include servicing
The responsibility for servicing and maintaining your lease car lies with you. But do lease cars include servicing? We'll take you through everything you need to know in this article.A car service covers essential maintenance on the vehicle. It includes things like replacing the oil, changing the oil filter, checking all engine components and electrics. It also includes checks on wearables like tyres and brakes. The car service is designed to keep the car running smoothly and to prevent any major faults as a result of the car not being maintained.
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