McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren have been busy in the think tank and subsequently the design studio, and have come up with the idea of producing a track going version of the fabulous P1.

It seems a pity to have to point out that the road division of the Woking based company is once again doing rather better than the racing team, but in terms of putting out cars for the private punter, they are miles ahead of the rest.

The new car, called the McLaren P1 GTR, has come under the scrutiny of Top Gear magazine, or at least what they can make of it and the article is well worth a look.

The review piece can be found at

All the magazine has had to work from are the pictures sent to them by McLaren of what the car may or may not eventually look like. If it gets made (it almost certainly will).

The article [...]

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