Mercedes have it that the inspiration for the Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe lies with the 300SL from 1954, but there is little doubt that many will see the Mercedes-McLaren SLR as this car’s immediate family. Developed entirely in-house (AMG), the new Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe is certainly causing a stir among enthusiasts, largely thanks to claims that this is as close to an out and out super car that the brand have been for years. Let’s take a closer look at what the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe offers.

Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe

Different Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz SLS Coupe actually uses the same engine (6208cc V8) as you’ll find in the C63 – but costs three times as much. It’s easy to get cynical at this point, but once you get this car into third gear and ask it to give you its life, you’ll instantly become a believer that [...]

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