Mercedes GLA Review

Mercedes GLA Review

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When considering leasing or buying a compact crossover, the 2014 Mercedes GLA is the new kid on the playground. So does the 2014 Mercedes GLA measure up? Or will it simply be the kid no one wants to play with?

The idea of a family hatchback which borders on SUV practicality has increased in demand in recent years. Although it wouldn’t strike you as the most obvious jump for the Mercedes brand to make, they are a latecomer to this nichey but popular segment. Once again Mercedes is squaring up to the likes of BMW and Audi in the form of the X1 and the Q3 respectively, who’ve been in this game a lot longer.

It’s quite easy to see that the starting point for the GLA was the A-Class hatchback, but after fiddling around with its suspension settings, stretching it taller and giving it a big old dose of steroids- we have [...]

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